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The Dispute Resolution Continuum

When parties are trying to resolve a matter between them, the solution seeking process can range from discussions, negotiations, mediation, and arbitration as well as a number of specialized functions including fact finding and judicial review. Clare Riepma is a trained arbitrator and mediator and has assisted many parties to reach a satisfactory resolution. He has been involved in cases dealing with construction issues, property valuation, land use planning, property damage, automobile defects, and environmental liability.




Clare Riepma has assisted individuals and corporations seeking approval for land development projects since 1972 to negotiate satisfactory solutions with municipalities, governmental agencies and other organizations. Successful negotiation requires excellent communication and listening skills as well as strategic positioning and the development of a solid information base.




Clare Riepma is a trained and experienced mediator involved frequently in construction and real estate related disputes. Mr. Riepma’s role is to assist the parties to explore options and to seek solutions that are a “win” for all involved. Mediation is desirable because the disputing parties remain free to make the final decision. Mediation is also preferred when the parties have a long standing relationship and a desire to continue that relationship.




Clare Riepma is also a trained and experienced arbitrator and has rendered over 100 binding, thoughtful decisions since 1982. His expertise is sought out especially in the construction and real estate sectors. As well he is a rostered arbitrator with the Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan (CAMVAP).

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