Renewable Energy


Riepma Consultants Inc. has extensive experience in the design and approvals of renewable energy projects. These include:


Anaerobic Digesters

  • Vandermeer Greenhouses Anaerobic digester, 335kW, site approvals
  • Vandermeer Greenhouses Anaerobic Digestor MOE Certificate of Approval
  • Delft Blue Veal Anaerobic Digester, 500kW, Zoning Approval
  • Ledgecroft Farms Anaerobic Digester, 500kW,  MOE Certificate of Approval
  • University of Guelph, Ridgetown campus, 250kW, Federal Environmental Assessment
  • Gardiner Farms, 250 kW, Federal Environmental Assessment
  • Pittens Farm 40kW, Input menu review
  • Canadian Outdoor Farm show, Educational - Demonstration AD project
  • Toronto Zoo Anaerobic Digester - 500kW, design, REA approval
  • City of Toronto, Dufferin Processing Facility, Biogas Utilization Study


  • Halton Hils solar park design 5MW
  • Thackery landfill site solar park design 10MW
  • 10 Morgan solar approval 10kW
  • St. Thomas solar park design 30MW
  • Coboconk solar park proposal 10MW
  • Bayview Flowers roof top design 250kW
  • Cornerstone roof top design 100kW
  • Tottenham solar park design

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